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There are so many things to do that it is hard to know where to start, but here are some of the best destinations and experiences in Kosovo to put on your bucket list. Kosovo is a great country and there is no question of us considering it as part of Serbia, we are just trying to help those who are looking for information about Pristina to find it easily. This guide has everything you need to know about backpacking in Kosovo, including a week-long Kosovo trip. Besides the ins and outs of this trip, I will also inform you a little about the history of Kosovo and explain why it is a perfect destination for backpackers.

Serbian authorities can refuse you entry or entry, we do not recommend this, but other countries that have contributed significantly to the reconstruction of Kosovo, such as Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, will not require visas, even though Kosovo has started to implement a strict visa system.

If you are crossing Montenegro, you can ask the Kosovo police to stamp a Kosovo entry stamp on your passport, which they stamp only after leaving Serbia. The Serbian border inspector would at least stamp the Kosovo stamp, but re-entry into Serbia is at the discretion of the individual official, and there have been cases of people being turned away. If you need to travel to Serbia regularly, as we do, there is a good chance that you will need to get a second passport or simply use it for your trips to Serbia and from Serbia!

If you first enter Kosovo and then try to travel directly to Serbia and you do not have a Serbian entry stamp, you will be considered illegal in Serbia. If you enter Kosovo first, but then travel directly to Serbia or Serbia, or if you do not have a Serbian entry stamp on your passport (or any other passport), then you will be considered illegal in the country of Serbia by the Kosovo police and / or other border officials. Serbian border inspectors and the police in Kosovo itself will refuse you entry.

If you enter Kosovo from Albania, Macedonia or Montenegro, you will be refused entry to the Serbian-Kosovar border if you do not enter Serbia legally and do not have a valid Serbian entry stamp on your passport (or any other passport). This will happen even though you are using a passport that does not bear the stamp "Serbian entry." You cannot travel directly to Serbia and still be refused entry if there is no valid Serbian entry stamp.

If you are coming directly from Serbia, there is a good chance that you will have to leave the same way as you came (see note on Kosovo) in order to receive the "Serbian entry stamp." When you leave Serbia and return to Kosovo, you must obtain a temporary paper visa, which you MUST have when you leave Serbia. If you travel to Kosovo with a license plate, you buy a temporary license plate and Serbia recognizes your insurance, so you save at least one hundred euros.

If you are still in the process of putting together your itinerary, here are some places you can visit to help you choose, and you can view our list of activities in Pristina, Kosovo, for sightseeing tours and suggestions. For more information about travelling to Kosovo and the Balkans, click on our Kosovo Balkans Travel page, where you will find all the new information we publish before you set off on your journey. If this is one of your first trips to the Balkans, you should find out about your trip to Kosovo and Kosovo in the Balkans here.

If you are a first-time solo traveller, you should also consider visiting Croatia and Slovenia as part of your journey through the Kosovo Balkans, as well as Serbia and Macedonia.

Note that travelling between Serbia and Kosovo is not a problem, but if you travel between Kosovo and Serbia without the stamp of a Kosovo passport, there will be problems. In some cases, you will have to leave Kosovo (easily) via Albania, Montenegro or Macedonia and go directly to the Serbian border, not through Kosovo. There are some ways to cross the border between northern Kosovo and Kosovo, which could save you some difficulties before you leave Kosovo for Serbia. Travelling through Serbia to Kosovo will not cause you any problems, and you may not have any problems when you travel through that region, as long as you do not enter the Serbian border directly from Kosovo or Albania.

One possibility is to enter Kosovo via Albania, as described in the proposed Balkan route ("The Long Way," which involves a journey from Tirana via Kosovo to Prizren), and from there to Pristina. Another proposal would be to travel from Kolasin in Montenegro to Peja in Kosovo, then on to Skopje and return to Kosovo via Presevo and Mucibaba. They should heed the recommendations for an indispensable journey through northern Kosovo. I did it once, but it was about getting a Serbia-Miratovac mark and then driving through Skopsje and through Kosovo back to Kolain, from where I had to do it again.

More About Pristina

More About Pristina