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Kosovo is a great country and our guide has everything you need to know about backpacking in Kosovo, including a week-long Kosovo trip. Before we share it with you, let me explain why Kosovo is the perfect destination for backpackers.

So we were given a full-day tour from Skopje, and one of the most spectacular activities is a day trip to the capital of Kosovo, Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

It is located in the northeast of the capital of Kosovo, on a vast area of 62 square kilometers. This area is so large that Kosovo has more than 9 square kilometres, Serbia 3 square kilometres and Serbia and Kosovo less than 1 square kilometre each. It has a population of about 1.4 million people, with a total population of 2.7 million.

If you do not want to stay in Kosovo overnight, it is also a popular option to visit Pristina on a day trip from Skopje. The taxi is not that expensive and you can book a trip to Kosovo for your next vacation in a few days or even a few weeks. If you are planning to visit Prishestinas during your day trips to Skopsje or Northern Macedonia, you should book a tour that includes a visit to the city itself to maximize your time in that city. I will be back to see some very old monuments and the good nature, but it is off the beaten track, so I plan to book it for my next vacation.

If you are in Pristina, your guide should include this place, as the museum is often closed for renovation. The great Kosovo tourism includes the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while you visit Pec in Kosovo. Visit the UNESCO-protected buildings and see their colorful frescoes and other historic buildings.

In the town of Prizren there are some very beautiful mosques, and there are definitely no other mosques that you can see in this region. This is one of the medieval monuments that have put Kosovo on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as it is a perfectly preserved Orthodox monastery. Like the nearby cathedral, it has an unobtrusive beauty, but it shows the importance of this monastery as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kosovo. The monastery is also on the list of cultural monuments for its beautiful frescoes and other historical buildings.

On the anniversary of the Declaration, the sculptures were reinvented and revived, painted with different motifs, often linked to broader political and cultural discussions. The boldest statement, however, is the modern architecture of the National Library of Kosovo, and this deserves its merits as one of the many stylish cafes to be discussed and discussed. This library is a central place that can be seen in Kosovo when you go to Pristina, which is known as an exciting place. If you are looking for activities in the capital of Kosovo, visit the International Museum of Modern Art or the National Gallery of Art and Culture in Prizren.

The best natural beauties in Kosovo are the mountains of Kosovo, such as the Kumanovo mountain range in the north of the country and the Prizren and Kukovar mountain ranges in the east of Kosovo.

It is home to the 14th-century Gracanica Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is also Kumanovo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Gjirokastra Castle in the south of the country. Nearby are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Kosovo, such as the city of Prizren and Kukovar. There are also several large museums and museums in Kosovo, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes.

Prishtina's icon, the monument to newborns, was unveiled on the day of Kosovo's declaration of independence. Visit the memorial in Prizren to remember the female victims of the Kosovo war.

The Documentary Festival in the charming old town of Prizren is another reason to visit the city for tourists from abroad. Now is the best place to visit the historic city of Pristina, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kosovo.

If you are not sure, ask the locals about the situation when you are planning your trip to Kosovo or if you want to visit a place. Some things to consider in Kosovo are general precautions to take as a traveler in the country.

From Pristina, you will first travel to Skopje (Macedonia) and then by bus to Nis (Serbia) and from there to Tirana (Albania). You can use this to check the bus timetable if you wish, but you can also take the minibus from Bajram to Kumanovo (Kosovo) or drive to Valbona in Albania. From Pristina, we take the bus to Belgrade, Serbia, then to Gjirokastrada (Croatia), then another bus on the way back to Kosovo.

In this old photo it looks like the bazaar in Gjakova, which is today the largest in Kosovo. The first stop in Kosovo is the Bajram Bazaar, one of the largest bazaars in the country with over 1,000 shops.

More About Pristina

More About Pristina