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The franchisor is Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, LLC, a subsidiary of WyNDham Hotel Group Inc., the largest hotel chain in the United States.

The franchisor's hospitality operations and training team offers training in the areas of hospitality, operations and operations management as well as hotel management. The training is conducted at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The date of sentencing has long been fixed, but a delay is usually sufficient to open the facility as a member of the chain, with the facility only opening after its first appearance.

The Wyndham Hotels & Resorts headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the franchisor's hospitality operations and training team.

The number of GRR booked in the last 12 months, calculated from the number of rooms in the guest list of a hotel for the previous year, is multiplied by 36. At present, bookings are transferred to the PCT, but not all are currently booked.

Unless otherwise stated, the franchisor does not offer or make available any direct or indirect financing arrangements to the franchisees of the system. Franchisees personally participate in the direct operation of the facility and the franchisee recommends this. The franchise ISor may defer payment of the initial franchise fees until it determines that the terms and conditions justify this.

If a hotel receives a specific score during an inspection, customer feedback or response, franchisors may require the franchisee, GM and hotel staff to participate in customer experience reviews and training. Participants must complete all components satisfactorily, including diagnostic assessments of the hotel facilities, facility management, operation, maintenance and customer service, and training program.

Certain staff of the institution may have to attend regular meetings to deal with matters of general interest to the system. Employees employed in the hotel in positions that the franchisor spends on training must participate in the training programme and in other training programmes that the franchisor may need.

Where economic circumstances justify this, territorial protection measures can be agreed upon after weighing various relevant factors. If the franchisee does not personally manage the hotel, he may appoint a third party, such as a hotel management company or a hotel operator, to manage the facility, even if the facility is being rebuilt in a new building or in another hotel. In the case of an establishment run by a franchisor under the auspices of the International Hotel Management Association (IHMA) or another institution, the franchisor is obliged to attend open training courses, if this is not personally managed by the franchisee.

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