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Belgrade - Local elections were held in Mitrovica on Tuesday, with clashes between Serbs and Albanians in the ethnically divided city, reportedly killing at least 60 people. The Serbian and Kosmet ministers have granted the Kosmet Serbs the right to form a parallel municipal council on the basis of the local elections on May 11. The attempt by the Serbian government to dismantle the city, which is divided into three ethnic groups: Albanians, Serbs and Kosovars, as stated in a government statement.

The Contact Group of Foreign Ministers issued an ultimatum to the Kosovo Albanians and Serbs and called on them to start peace talks in Rambouillet, France, on 6 February. The Council held an emergency meeting on tensions in northern Kosovo following a request from Russia, supported by Serbia, following an outbreak of violence on the Kosovo-Serbia border. Russia called the previously unscheduled meeting to discuss reports that Libyan and Syrian rebels had traveled to Kosovo for training. Serbia has asked the Council to urgently discuss what it calls the "aggravation" situation in Kosovo.

Milosevic called for "substantial autonomy" for Kosovo and an end to violence. He also said: "This is an opportunity to move forward in a time of infighting.

This year, the Elevator Lab Albania - Kosovo has a joint program that offers the opportunity to present startups from both countries and ideas. Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia participated in the half marathon. On 1 October 2014, Albanian and Montenegrin entrepreneurs and a number of local entrepreneurs from Albania and Kosovo took part in the half marathon in Tirana, Kosovo.

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We also have a guide on the currency of the Balkans, explaining how it works, as well as tips for locals on customs and tips. This article is about things to do in Pristina (sometimes written Pristina or Pristina), the capital of Kosovo. We do not believe that Kosovo should be considered part of Serbia, we are just trying to help those seeking information about it to find it easily.

If you are still in the process of putting together your itinerary, here is a list of places to visit to help you choose, and if you like to travel in the former Yugoslavia, we will be hosting spomenics from all over the region (some of our favorites are Belgrade and Bosnia). If you are visiting Kosovo, you should not miss one of the most important events in Pristina, the annual friendship festival Kosovo - Serbia.

This competition is opened annually by the National Gallery of Kosovo to give artists the opportunity to participate. This competition has been held annually since the 1990s and gives artists the chance to participate. These competitions are opened annually by the National Gallery of Pristina and also by a number of other art galleries around the world.

ReMusica is a group of Albanians from Kosovo, led by Rafet Rudi, the founder of the festival, and promoting contemporary music. ReMusika is an annual festival in Pristina, Kosovo, where it promotes contemporary music. This is a cinematographic event dedicated to documentaries and short films, with a focus on music, dance, film, photography and film production in Kosovo and other parts of Europe. It is one of the largest and most popular film festivals in Kosovo and the largest in the world.

Gjon Mili is an international exhibition and competition held every two years in the National Gallery of Kosovo. It is held in Pristina, Kosovo, with a focus on contemporary art, film and film production in Kosovo and other parts of Europe and is the most important event of its kind in the region and the world. Gjon mili is the centre of international exhibitions and competitions held every two years in the National Gallery of Kosovo.

A commemoration of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which fell on the anniversary of the 1998 siege of the Jashari compound. Other events are the annual Gjon Mili Festival, the Pristina International Film Festival and other events in the city of Kosovo.

Serbian troops are stepping up their summer offensive, attacking the city of Pristina, the largest city in Kosovo and capital of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and expelling thousands from the mountains.

Several KFOR soldiers were injured when they tried to remove a roadblock erected by Kosmet Serbs who refused to send more border guards to the border crossing. In a sign of the continuing tensions, 14 Serb farmers were killed on the border between Kosovo and Serbia on Sunday. Serbian border crossing in protest against two Serbian mobile networks that were considered illegal in central Kosovo. On Sunday, K-40 troops clashed with protesters as they tried to remove the erected barricades.

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More About Pristina