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There are so many things to do in Kosovo that it is hard to know where to start, so I wanted to give you a list of ten sights in Kosovo to visit. Here are some of the best destinations and experiences in Kosovo to add to your bucket list.

If you are thinking of a trip to the Balkan region, these are some of the essential sights in Pristina. For more information about travelling to Kosovo and the Balkans, please save our Kosovo / Balka travel page, where you will find all the new information we publish before you start your journey. If you are considering visiting neighbouring countries, this article will help you to create and change your itinerary to include Kosovo in your list. If this is going to be one of your first trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should also look at all the things you know about travelling in the Balkans when you travel through them.

If you want to visit Kosovo for a longer period of time, we recommend the 5-day Discover Kosovo Tour, as we have done before. One possibility is to travel from Albania to Kosovo, which is described in our proposed Balkan itinerary for the long journey, which involves a journey from Tirana to Prizren in Kosovo and from there on to Pristina. Another proposal would be to travel from Kolasin in Montenegro to Peja (Kosovo) and then on to Skopje.

If you do not want to stay in Kosovo overnight, another popular option is to visit Pristina on a day trip from Skopje (Northern Macedonia). If you are not able to spend more time travelling to the destination than visiting it, and therefore strongly recommend that you spend at least one night in the city during your trip to Kosovo, it is also possible to visit Prizren and Peja on day trips from Pristina.

If you are still in the process of putting together your itinerary, here is a list of places you should visit to help you choose. If you are staying in Kosovo for only 3 days, this is one of the best places I have seen during my stay in Kosovo. If you stay in Pristina for up to 3 weeks or 2 weeks and 3-4 days in Skopje or Peja (North Macedonia), this may be one of the best places you will visit. While I only had 3 months or 4 weeks of my trip to Kosovo and 2-3 nights in Prizren and Pejja, there is also a good place I visited for Pristina.

To help you plan your visit to Kosovo, I have listed some of the best places to visit in Pristina and Pejja (Northern Macedonia) and Skopje (Southern Macedonia). Kosovo is a great place to travel, even alone, however I feel about its independence. If you are interested in beautiful mountains and ancient ruins, just to spend a holiday in the region or just to see Kosovo itself, then I highly recommend it to you. I encourage you to visit Kosovo to experience it for yourself and for personal reasons.

If you are in Pristina, visit the free Ethnographic Museum of Albanian Traditions, if you want to start with the history of Kosovo, its history and culture, you can visit this museum. When visiting Kosovo, you should not miss other places such as the National Museum, the State Library and the Kosovo Museum in Pejja. These places are not included in my Kosovo guide because they are often closed for renovation work. Other activities in Pristina include a visit to the ornate mosques, a visit to the NEWBORN sign erected to celebrate Kosovo's independence, or even a visit to the historic city center.

Medieval monuments that helped Kosovo become UNESCO The perfectly preserved Orthodox monasteries are a world heritage site. The museum displays the oldest and most important medieval monuments in Kosovo, such as the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Pristina and the Trinity Cathedral in Pejja.

Many tourists come here every day to see this shrine, and it has become one of the best tourist attractions in Kosovo. On the other hand, there are few really interesting places to visit and must-visit - such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Cathedral of the Trinity.

This library is one of the most important places in Kosovo when you go to Pristina, as it is known as an exciting place. This tourist attraction offers a great view of Pec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been included in the larger Kosovo tourism as a reason for the PEC to visit Kosovo. The best natural place for visiting Kosovo is the mountain range, such as the mountains Kumanovo, Kukurra, Gjirokastrada, Dukagjini and Krasnodar, as well as many others.

More About Pristina

More About Pristina